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2nd Diversity in Project Management Conference

The 2nd edition of the event will be held from June 7-9, 2018 in Brijuni Islands National Park – North Adriatic – Croatia. The 2018 theme is: “Celebrating Differences makes the Difference”. Diversty conference will held together with SENET conference.

Overview of the conference topics

»     Various research results show that diverse project teams make better projects. So we need to bring more differences i.e. diversity into the staffing of our project teams to celebrate such differences.

»     But how to come to more diverse project teams in a world where diversity is not yet the key? How to bring along the ruling class of mainly (Caucasian) men and the feeling around mostly that more of the same won’t bring the required success anymore in a more and more diverse world?

»     How to overcome the challenges and conflicts that can derive from diverse, heterogeneous project teams? Best practice approaches to create a high performance team out of a formerly group of culturally diverse individuals.

»     What other instruments than quotas are effective tools to bring in a more diverse workforce in organizations?

»     The conference will focus on the diversity challenges that organizations & project teams face to increase their project management success (A), to assure their future Project management workforce (B) and to improve social responsibility (C) split over three session streams: good practices (practitioners), better practices (experts) and next practices (academics) over the two days.

Diversity Viewpoints

From an organizational viewpoint, two types of diversity are relevant with regards to improving project results:

» Diversity in thinking style and
» Diversity in behavioral style, whether primarily still caused by gender, but also by ethnicity, age, experience or other types of diversity, diverse project team members complement each other and contribute to better project results.

The Future Workforce

With regards to future PM workforce, diversity will enlarge and broaden the PM recruitment pool, being able to address issues in a more and more diverse world in which projects need to be managed.

Social responsibility

For social responsibility, many organizations acknowledge the importance of diversity, equality of opportunity and inclusion in their workforce.

Conference target audience

Our target audience is primarily the managers/directors who are responsible for staffing and/or recruitment of project teams i.e. managers/heads of project management and/or resources managers as well as PM discipline related HR staff.
Secondarily we aim at academics, (future) project managers, women and young professionals in project management with an interest in more diversity in project management and project teams and the engagement of project success through more diversified project teams.
Increasingly large corporations have appointed managers for “Diversity and Inclusion”, we are aiming also to reach this target group.

Conference topics

To address these challenges in a 2-day conference it will be evident that the focus will be on the conference theme’s related issues where we want participants and presenter to come, talk, share, learn, experience and explore how by celebrating differences one makes the difference in projects & project organizations and facilitate project success in an even better way.
Even though we note, for example, that:

» Gender is still a major factor in thinking and behaviour on diversity and
» There is challenge of age gap in project management.

We also would like to see attention being given to non-gender related diversity aspects of diversity, is an additional main theme for this year’s conference.

Keynote Speakers and Invited Speakers

» Jesus Martinez Almela, Spain, IPMA President – “The Forgotten Project Management”
» Joop Schefferlie, The Nederlands, IPMA Vice President – “Agile Leadership”
» Nicos Kourounakis, European Commission Centre of Excellence in Project Management (CoEPM²) – “PM2 Project Management Methodology”
» Martin Sedlmayer, Switzerland, IPMA Vice President – “Project Management Innovation with IPMA ICB4”
» Darija Ivandić Vidović, Director of the Organization and Business Processes Development Sector, Croatia Insurance Ltd. – “Project Portfolio Management Driven by the Company Strategy“
» Reinhard Wagner, Germany, Chairman of IPMA CoD – “Project Management for Driving Business Success and Serving Community Needs”
» Yrsa Sigurðardóttir, Icelandic writer
» Korado Korlević, Astronomer, co-founder of Višnjan School of Astronomy – ““How to motivate young leaders to adapt diversity thinking?”
» Dirk Jakobs, Germany, Head of Global Diversity Office, Daimler AG – “Diversity in engineering – Ready to be different?!”

The conference programme is available HERE

Invitation Call for Papers

We are delighted to send you this call for papers, inviting you to consider to be a presenter at the 2nd edition of the Diversity in Project Management conference in Brijuni Islands National Park, Croatia, whether you’re a practitioner telling about your good practices, an expert sharing ideas & solutions on better practices or an academic sharing insights in future next practices.

The Conference is composed of two main streams. The first stream is reserved for presentations submitted by academics and second for presentations submitted by practitioners. It is supposed that academics should submit papers, those will be reviewed, while practitioners can choose between paper and presentation or presentation only. All accepted papers / presentations will be published in a proceeding book in electronic form within 3 months after the Conference.

Our Program Committee will organise an exciting collection of top level sessions and considers you to be an inspiring presenter, a national or international thought leader or expert in one of the focus areas of the conference.

Inspiring and entertaining stories connected to our central theme: “Celebrating differences makes the difference” are welcome! Please review the conditions below and submit your abstract before April 15th, 2018.

The undersigned program committee will review the papers and focus on content and the connection(s) with the conference themes and level of interactivity. Potential presenters will receive an official notification of acceptance no later than April 30th, 2018.

Please note that we assume that you’ll be available for the entire conference, but at least for the whole day on which you present. Practitioners/consultants addressing specific cases/approaches presenting with their clients/customers (in order to conform the effectiveness of the practitioners/consultants approach/methodology) are preferred over those without their clients/customers being present.

» Deadline for submitting abstracts for presentations (Academic or Professional) Apr 15th, 2018
» Notification of acceptance Apr 30th, 2018
» Deadline for submitting full papers (Academic) or presentations (Professional) May 15th, 2018
» Deadline for submitting final revised papers (academic) or presentations (professional) Jun 1st, 2018

You can download ready-to-use template for presentations HERE

The planned time for each presentation is 30 minutes for academics and 40 minutes for practitioners, and it includes q/a.

The best papers will be proposed for publishing in expanded form, in the OTMC journal

(https://www.degruyter.com/view/j/otmcj), or European Project Management Journal (http://epmj.org/ ) or Organizacij – Journal of Management, Informatics and Human Resource (http://www.degruyter.com/view/j/orga).

Submission of abstracts, papers and presentations should be sent to: dipm2018@ipma.world

Template for paper and presentation you can find here: https://www.dipm2018.com/en/about-the-conference/papers

Types of papers to be presented

»     Academic Papers: An Academic Paper is devoted to topics and questions that are mainly of interest to the academic community and related to specific research issues in the field of project management or related research areas, with the intention to disseminate learning from research;

»     Practitioner Papers: A Practitioner paper addresses specific issues, problems and/or solutions and/or practical experiences within the project, program and/or project portfolio environment and contributes to the learning of practitioners, with the intention to disseminate learning from practical experience.

It is our intention to have all papers published either through an academic journal and/or by means of a special DiPM IPMA publication.

Important Dates for Workshop Proposals

The second stream is planned as a series of workshops. The minimum time for each workshop is 2 hours, while the maximum is 4 hours (includes presentations, discussion and q/a).

»        Deadline for workshop proposals is April 15th, 2018

»        Workshop approval by April 30th, 2018

»       Preparation and delivery of materials May 1st, 2018

Submission of workshop proposals should be sent to: dipm2018@ipma.world

Information about the Conference Venue and Date 

2nd DiPM Conference – Brijuni Island, Croatia (Istria, North Adriatic), June 7th – 9th, 2018.

The opening will be on Thursday, June 7th at 4:00 PM. Hotel Istra is the main conference venue. For additional information about national Park Brijuni Island please visit http://www.npbrijuni.hr/en/ or https://hr.wikipedia.org/wiki/Brijuni.

Local Organizer

The local organizer for the 2nd DiPM is the Croatian Association for Project Management (CAPM), Zagreb, Croatia (www.capm.hr).

You are invited to address all questions or enquiries about the Program, about the DiPM 2018 to the following email: dipm2018@ipma.world

For urgent calls please use the following mobile phone: Sandra Mišić +385 98 99 22 449

Registration and Conference Fee

Registration is required for all participants. You can read more and register at:  https://dipm2018.world/en/registration

Please note that umber of the registration is limited!

Useful Information: Travel and Accommodation are available HERE

We welcome your contribution to our exciting 2018 Diversity in Project Management Conference!

Register now at: www.dipm2018.world















DiPM Program Committee

»        Marco Buijnsters – The Netherlands

»        Steinunn Halldórsdóttir – Iceland

»         Inga Klaus – Poland

»         Sandra Mišić – Croatia

»         Yvonne Schoper – Germany